WordPress Responsive Navigation Plugin


WordPress Responsive Navigation Plugin will help You to convert WordPress menu to responsive menu and It’s easily customizable form WordPress admin .


  • Multi-level menu support

  • Flexible, simple markup

  • Cross-browser compatibility and works on all type of mobile devices

  • Easy to use admin interface

  • Fully customizable From Admin Setting- choose width, custom menu button text, which menus to affect, and more.

  • select your custom colors to match with your theme.

  • Ability to hide unwanted elements on mobile devices.


  1. Upload the ‘responsive-navigation’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

  3. Show Responsive Navigation menu in Left Dashboard Menu

  4. Configure setting

=Required Setting=

  1. In Responsive Navigation admin setting : Choose Menu To Responsify (Show here Dropdown Menu choose here menu for Responsify)

  2. In Responsive Navigation admin setting : Menu Breakpoint (Add here Width , Below this width show responsive menu)

  3. In Responsive Navigation admin setting : Add Class OR ID (Add Here Element class OR id including "#" OR "." Where You Prepend Responsive Navigation Example: #header)


WordPress Responsive Navigation Plugin
WordPress Responsive Navigation Plugin Admin Setting

WordPress Responsive Navigation Plugin
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Support Contact

muditkumawat19@gmail.com / muditkumawat007@gmail.com / Support » Responsive Navigation



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